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Learn inbound. Get certified. Grow your career. Grow your business.


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Total Video Time
4.5 hours


What is the Inbound Certification course?

The inbound certification course is a free marketing training course that covers the fundamentals of the inbound marketing methodology. Learn how SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.

Why get certified?

Join a community of over 30,000 actively Inbound Certified marketers. The Inbound Certification course will change the way you think about marketing by introducing you to the inbound marketing methodology. You'll learn how to create marketing that people love through remarkable content, high-converting landing pages, lead nurturing and what we like to call, "customer delight."

Who should get certified?

  • Marketers looking to round out their digital or content marketing skill sets.
  • Non-marketers who want to learn the inbound marketing methodology.
  • Entrepreneurs building inbound businesses from the ground up.
  • Students looking for internships or full-time positions.

After passing the exam

You'll receive a personalized badge and certificate that you can display in a multitude of ways. Add your badge to your website, email signature, LinkedIn profile - or print out your certificate and proudly hang it on your desk. In the midst of a job search? Show hiring managers that you mean business by adding your HubSpot Academy certifications to your resume.

Kathryn_Stickley "I've worked in marketing for 6 years, but HubSpot has changed the way I work and think. By consistently encouraging continuing education opportunities, I am a better marketer and my company benefits from my increased skill-set. Hubspot has set the gold standard for inbound marketing as well as certifications that are offered to customers and non-customers alike."
Kathryn Stickley, Marketing Operations
Christi_Keating "I love these certifications because it's a true test of your knowledge - both of the HubSpot platform itself and your marketing (and now sales) knowledge as well. What I really like about these certifications is not only do I get to show it off in my office and LinkedIn profile, but it helps me understand where my weaknesses and strengths are."
Christy Keating, Marketing Associate