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HubSpot Sales Software Certification

Training on HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales Tools

HubSpot Sales Software Certification

Training on HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales Tools

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5 Classes

2 Hours

60 Questions

1 Exam

1 Practicum

The benefits of being certified:

Grow your career.

Invest in yourself and your career by learning all the HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales features you have at your disposal.

Join a community.

Join more than 50,000 certified professionals who are transforming the way the world does business.

Grow your pipeline.

Focus on what you do best: selling. Let HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales software support you without getting in the way.

What's in the course?

This training course will teach you how to use HubSpot CRM and the core features of HubSpot Sales to execute a high-performing inbound sales strategy like a pro. Say goodbye to the manual tasks and confusing features of most customer relationship management systems! In this course, we're going to make you an expert.

After passing the certification exam and completing the a short practicum, you'll receive a personalized badge and certificate that you can display in a multitude of ways. Add your badge to your website, email signature, LinkedIn profile - or print out your certificate and proudly hang it on your desk.

Who should get certified?

  • Sales team members using the HubSpot CRM or HubSpot Sales tools who want to spend more time selling and lest time taking notes and manually recording data.

  • Sales managers who need to train up their team on HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales tools, and get new sales reps up to speed fast and efficiently (for free).

  • Marketers using the HubSpot CRM or HubSpot Sales tools in conjunction with their sales team.