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Free Content Marketing Certification Course

Power your business with remarkable content.

Free Content Marketing Certification Course

Power your business with remarkable content.
Access free tools to grow your business, and your career.

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10 Classes

4 Hours

60 Questions

1 Exam

60,000 Strong

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

The benefits of being content marketing certified:

Grow your career.

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up-to-date on the latest content marketing best practices and research.

Join a community.

Join more than 60,000 HubSpot Academy certified professionals who are transforming the way the world does business.

Grow your business.

Learn how the compounding impact of content marketing boosts your marketing return on investment.

What's in the course?

You might be wondering, "Isn't content marketing the same as inbound marketing?" The short answer is no, and in this course, you'll learn why.

This course will teach you how to build scalable, repeatable processes for creating and promoting content that converts into leads and new customers. If you're creating content or managing content creators - this course will give you expert tactics for efficiently building your content library, and extracting more value from every content asset you create.

Who should get certified?

  • Marketers looking to advance their marketing career with an advanced certification.
  • Marketing Leaders who want their team to get more value from every content asset.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to grow their audience, and nurture their customers.
  • Students looking for internships or full-time positions in digital marketing roles.

Classes include:

1. Understanding Content Marketing (14 min)

2. The Power of Storytelling (24 min)

3. Generating Content Ideas (15 min)

4. Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy (19 min)

5. Building a Content Creation Framework (20 min)

6. Becoming an Effective Writer (22 min)

7. Extending the Value of Your Content Through Repurposing (24 min)

8. How to Effectively Promote Content (22 min)

9. Measuring and Analyzing Your Content (26 min)

10. Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality (20 min)